Sunday, September 6, 2009

Michigan Vs. Western Michigan Recap

Every Michigan player and fan was happy with the win over Western Michigan 31-7. The picture above explains it all. Just like what I said they should do is start out fast and that is exactly what they did. Their first drive they marched down the field and then Tate Forcier threw to wide receiver Junior Hemingway for a 28 Yd touchdown. After that they were in cruise control the whole way with their defense playing tough. In the first half they led 31-0 in which in this game they were 13 points underdogs. In the second half they really did not do muc h, they just put in different players to see how they do. In the fourth quarter Western Michigan finally got on the board with a long pass from Hiller to Nunez. Michigan really surprised everybody on how great they are learning the spread offense.

Key players in the game

Tate Forcier
Tate had a great game. He had no interceptions, threw for 179 Yds, and had 3 touchdowns. He definantly did not look like a true freshman when he was playing and he did not make any bad mistakes. I see him the quarterback of the future and I hope he starts every game from here on and should play the whole game unless they put a beating on teams like they did on Western Michigan. He really impressed everyone including me on how he looks like he has been playing college ball for years. I like his comment, "I don't get nervous," "Never have, and I don't think I ever will." Great to here that from a true freshman!

Denard Robinson
Denard Robinson is a SUPERSTAR! No I don't think he is a quarterback that should start or even get good time at that position but he should be on the field quite a bit doing something else like in the slot. But he might just be the fastest player to ever play for Michigan. When he scored that touchdown going right then to left I was going crazy, wish I could of been there. I sure do love this guy playing for the Wolverines and I see future big plays coming from this guy.

Kevin Koger
Man this play really finished the game for the Wolverines. This spectacular catch from Kevin Kogle happened near the end of the game and made the fans go crazy!! I recently heard news of this guy saying that he is a play maker and he did just that with that one-handed catch. This should definantly be on ESPN's top ten plays of the week. He also scored earlier in the game with a 7 yard pass from Forcier in the second quarter. He is only a sophomore and
plays tight-end. I predict many touchdowns from this kid when they get in the red-zone.

Junior Hemingway
He was Forcier's main target scoring 2 touchdowns and catching 5 receptions for 109 Yds. I thought Hemingway had a great game, and he showed for things to come with how much skill he has. He has great speed and good hands. Hopefully next week he does the same thing against Notre Dame.

Other Points

The defense looked really good and was getting to the ball real fast. But they need to sharpen up for next week against Notre Dame because they have a great offense. I thought the run game was alright but if Brandon Minor is healthy next week look for it to get better. Kicking and punting look great also. Mesko punted good and Jason Olesnavage hit a 44 Yd field goal which is good news for the Wolverines. All in all I thought the Wolverines looked great and need to continue their momentum to next week. Look for my preview for the game against Notre Dame on this Thursday or Friday.

Here is the Highlight Video

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