Friday, September 11, 2009

Maize and Blue Vs. The Irish Preview

Couldn't be more happy this week as Michigan is at home playing their fist rivalry game of the year against Notre Dame and this game lands on my birthday this year. It's going to be great weekend and I am really going to enjoy it. Since 1887 they have been playing each other off and on for a total of 36 games and this one being the 37th. Michigan leads the series 20-15-1. Luckily we will have this great rivalry game until 2031 with that extension in 2007. I look forward to this game every year just like the Ohio state game just because how aggressive us fans get during these weekends.

The Big Game

Who: Michigan vs. #18 Notre Dame
When: 3:30 Eastern time, September 12th 2009, on ABC
Where: Michigan Stadium "The Big House", Ann Arbor, MI

Keys for Michigan to Win
Well I think Michigan can really win this game the way things are set up. They are at home and are riding on a lot of momentum from last week beating Western Michigan 31-7. In which a lot of people thought they were going to be upset by the Broncos. But they proved people wrong and just toyed with them with their great young offensive talent. They got Minor back at around 75% to 80% health wise and should be ready for the game. He will be a big help as he runs tough and he has his speedy back-up Carlos Brown to help the load. Even though Hemingway does not look good for the start, because of a sprained ankle, I believe that the other young talented receivers will step up abd make some plays. Another key for Michigan to win is if they get Forcier and Robinson in some plays together to really get that offense going. Tate really knows this offense good and he should dump it off to Robinson to make a big play happen. I also believe that Michigan needs to have less penalties in this game compared to last and have to stay away from turnovers.

Michigan's defense is got to be very fast out there this week just like the first half of last week when every player was at the ball when the whistle blew. I feel that Graham should be the play-maker and try to cause a fumble in the backfield. I know he is hungry for a win in his Senior year against Notre Dame and Notre Dame should see him as a threat because he is one of the elites on the defensive side in the Big 10. But I feel that Michigan's cornerbacks and safeties are under a lot of pressure with those great Notre Dame receivers they will have to face. If they contain them it will be an easy win for the Wolverines.

My Thoughts of Notre Dame

I see Notre Dame as one of the most explosive offenses out there right now with Clausen as Qb and him having those talented receivers throw to. Not to mention they have a pretty good o-line.
But I still think they are really over-rated right now because they lack defense and don't really have a solid running game. They depend on Clausen too much in which that might get them into trouble this year. And as for Lou Houltz(from Espn) saying they are going to the National title game he is a crazy old man. No chance of them getting there, Defense wins championships.

My Prediction

It's going to be a great game this weekend and I see a lot of scoring going on in this game with these two offenses. It's probably going to be a back and forth game until a couple of big plays happen. Michigan will probably have another big play with Denard Robinson as he will be the X-factor for every game he is in and for Notre Dame will make a few big plays with their receivers. If Michigan strikes first I think they have a good chance of winning this game once they get the crowd going crazy as last week was the loudest I have heard it in a couple of years.
My score prediction is Michigan winning 38-24. Yes I predicted a high score but these defenses will be really challenged this week.

Go Blue!!!!

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