Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michigan Vs. Western Michigan Preview


Michigan's opening game has finally arrived and I have been waiting all summer for this. And for the past years these opening games have been scary for the Wolverines. So guys there is probably another chance for an upset this year with Western Michigan coming to Ann Arbor. The reason I am saying this is because 2 of our 3 quarterbacks( Denard Robinson & Tate Forcier) starting in this game are true freshman and the other QB( Nick Sheridan) really isn't made for the spread offense. But we will wait and see. And another thing that worries me is U-M's weak secondary going against Western Michigan's ALL-MAC Quarterback Tim Hiller. If Michigan doesn't play him right he will pick apart Michigan's Secondary. But my Prediction is that the Wolverines will WIN their first opener in two years. I believe that Michigan's Brandon Graham will make some big plays and Michigan's Linebackers will pound them. Also look for Michigan making some big plays on offense with their young and talented Wide Receivers and Quarter-backs. Their O-line is also more experienced with one year under their belt so that should help the out too. My score prediction for the game is Michigan winning 24-17 but Michigan must strike first so they get those 100,000+ fans going crazy and get the momentum on their side. It will be a great game to watch. GO BLUE!

Look for my preview for Michigan games every Thursday night or Friday morning and then I will have a review of the game every Saturday night or Sunday morning. I will also include in my review a game that I thought was the best of the weekend. So check back to my blog all the time to see what I am saying. Have a great night.

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