Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I think will happen for the first few games

This upcoming year for the Michigan Wolverines is going to be crazy yet excitefull. They will have a freshman quarterback starting and Rich-Rod is on his second season coaching the Wolverines. My prediction is that they will go 4-0 because through their first 4 games their schedule is pretty easy unless you consider their luck with division 2 teams like the last two years with Utah and App State but I think this year will be different because the o-line knows the system a little better and that will get the offense rolling. As for week 2 when they face Notre Dame, I know Rich-Rod does not want to lose to them 2 years in a row and he will have them ready to go and I know Michigan's Brandon Graham will get that fierce Michigan Defense going because he has so much energy on the field when he plays. But when week 5 rolls around when Michigan has their Big Ten opener at State, I really don't know what is going to happen. It all depends if Tate Forcier is ready with all that pressure on his back going to Michigan State. I hope Michigan's defense plays well so it takes the pressure off him so he doesn't make any stupid mistakes if he has to be out there a lot.
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Thanks and GO BLUE!

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